What this website is all about …

Welcome! If you are looking for help with technology or ideas about how to use it, you are in the right place.

The pages listed on the site include researched best practices as well as  a listing of the experts and offices at the college who can help you incorporate technology into  your courses. This website was not designed to be a static or finished product. If you have ideas about what needs to be added or changed, you can either submit your idea via this form or add a comment to one or more of the pages. Please also submit comments to provide examples of your own experience using technology in teaching or references to relevant resources. You can search the site via the search bar just above this introduction, the categories to the left, or the tags below. Each solution has a Brockport staff member associated with that solution who you may contact for more information. To request a consultation about anything related to technology in teaching, fill out this form and someone will get back to you soon. If you have a specific technical problem or request, the best solution is always to contact the Brockport Library & Information Technology Services Helpdesk at 395-5151 or helpdesk@brockport.edu. If you have a specific Blackboard problem contact OpenSUNYHelp@suny.edu or call 395-5151 ext. 6.

This website will also feature videos, images, and resources developed by Brockport faculty and staff related to the use of technology in teaching. Watch this video to see how Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Adam Rich uses technology in Systems Physiology & Advanced Physiology Lab.